Apply to ncsh

Thank you for your interest in The Neighborhood Charter School of Harlem! The application deadline for the 2018-2019 school year passed. Applications received after the deadline will be placed on the waitlist in the order in which they were received.

NCSH is one school in three locations.

NCSH Northwest (Kindergarten-2nd Grade)

421 West 145th Street
New York, NY 10031

NCSH Northwest Annex (3rd Grade)

500 West 138th Street
New York, NY 10031

NCSH Central Harlem (Grades 4-7)

132 West 124th Street
New York, NY 10027

Lottery Process

Applicants who apply by the April 2 deadline will be entered in the lottery on April 11 and will receive lottery results by the end of that week. Applicants who apply after the April 2 deadline will automatically be placed on the waitlist. If your child is not accepted through the lottery and is placed on the waitlist, you will be notified via phone and email if a spot becomes available. You will have 48 hours to accept the seat in writing. Many children are accepted from the waitlist each year.

Lottery preferences are provided for:

    • Siblings of current NCSH students
    • Siblings of students applying to NCSH
    • Children of current NCSH staff
    • Community School District (CSD)
      • Kindergarten-3rd Grade: Applicants residing in CSD 6
      • Grades 4-7: Applicants residing in CSD 5
    • Scholars applying to the ASD program

To verify your CSD, please visit the Department of City Planning website.

ASD Application Process

We have a specialized program for higher functioning children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD). If you are interested in our ASD program and would like more information, please contact our Director of Special Education, Lindsey Mattingly, at The application process is outlined below.

  1. Submit an application. Please be sure to check the box that you are applying to the ASD program.
  2. Complete a questionnaire and an informal interview. Once your application is received, you will be invited to the school to complete a questionnaire. This questionnaire allows us to learn more about your child and their needs. Please bring the most current IEP or any other evaluations to the meeting. 
  3. Complete an evaluation. The final evaluation is completed by an independent organization, YAI. The evaluation may consist of review of the IEP and clinical document review and additional testing, if needed. YAI will notify the school if the child qualifies for the ASD program. A child also qualifies for the program if they are accepted into the Department of Education's ASD Nest program.